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Friday, October 11, 2019

Means of communication

Long days ago, pigeons and horse riders were used to deliver messages. Today, we have many quick means of sending and receiving messages. We can speak to people living far away from us by means of telephones and mobile phones. Notably, the ways of conveying our thoughts, views and messages to others are called means of communication. We can communicate with others by talking directly as well as receiving or sending messages. In this chapter, we shall study about the different means of communication.
Means of Personal Communication
When we send information or message to a particular person, it is known as personal communication. Postal and courier service, telephone, fax etc. are some means of personal communication.
Means of communication
Means of communication

Postal Service

 The postal network of India is the world's largest postal network. It is also the oldest means of communication in modern India. There are about 1.5 lakh post offices all over India to provide postal service. We can send our letters and greeting cards to our friends and relatives living in the same city or other cities and countries through the post office.
 We can also send and receive money orders and parcels through the post office. From the post office, we can buy stamps, postcards, inland letters, envelopes and aerogrammes. The post office also provides the service of speed post. Using it, we can send our messages faster. The messages sent by speed post reach the addressed person in a few hours. The services of buses, trains, ships and aeroplanes are taken by the post offices to send our letters and parcels to different places.

Courier Service

Courier service is fast, door to door, local or international pickup and delivery service for high-value goods or urgently required documents. A courier is a person who delivers messages, packages and mail Courier service is usually more expensive than standard mail services. It operates at all places-villages, towns, cities and countries. Speed post too which you have learnt above is a courier service provided by the Indian Postal Department.



 We can talk to anyone living in any part of the world through the telephone. The call that enables us to talk to someone in our own city or town over the telephone is called local call. The call that enables us to talk to someone living in another state over the telephone is called STD and the telephone service that allows us to talk to someone living abroad is known as ISD. Today we have more than 30,000 telephone exchanges. Telephone service is provided by both the government and private operators.

Mobile Phones

 The use of mobile phones is increasing day by day in our country. The reducing rates of local, STD and ISD calls and cheap handsets are the main reasons for this.
 The mobile companies are making mobile phones to suit every pocket. Mobile phones can be carried easily. We can send instant messages through SMS from our mobile phones.

iPhone or Smartphone

 iPhone is the latest in mobile phones. Launched in 2007, it provides us the facilities of browsing, e-mailing, video recording, multimedia and many other things. We can also watch TV and movies on these phones.

Fax or Facsimile

A fax machine works through telephone line. Message sent through it reach instantly. Both text and pictures can be sent and received through it.

Means of Mass Communication

To send information or a message to a large number of people at the same time is known as mass communication.
3. Radio
These are some different means of mass communication.

Newspapers and Magazines


Newspapers and magazines come under print media. They are one of the oldest means of mass communication. We can get various types of information from them. We learn about all the current affairs of the world from the newspapers. Magazines also give us important information. There are many different types of popular newspapers and magazines in India. The Hindu, The Times of India, Nav Bharat Times and Dainik Bhaskar newspapers are some popular newspapers. Magazines like India Today and Outlook are some popular magazines. Nowadays, we can read eBooks and eMagazines on the Internet.



 Radio not only entertains us with its musical programmes but also provides us important information and news. People who cannot read and write, can listen to the radio to learn about the latest happenings. Moreover, it can be carried anywhere easily. The All India Radio (Akashvani) is the oldest radio station of India. It broadcasts news in Hindi, English and regional languages. 
Nowadays, FM radio is very popular in our country. It broadcasts film songs, latest information on various topics and interviews of famous personalities. Some FM channels transmit music throughout the day.



On the television, we can also watch what we can only listen to on the radio. It is the most effective way of spreading important messages and information in modern society. People in India are very fond of watching various entertaining programs on the television.
Sitting at home, we can watch the events happening all over the world on our television set. Nowadays, satellite TV is very popular it is also known as cable TV.

In the villages where people cannot afford a television set, the gram panchayat arranges one. It is kept in the panchayat hall where the villagers can come and watch various programs.



A satellite is an object which is made and placed high up in the earth's atmosphere and revolves around the earth. Several satellites have been launched both by our country and other country and are orbiting the earth. Some satellites launched by India are Bhaskara-1, cartosat, IRS-1E and GSAT-16. Satellites help us in scientific research, tracking weather, Communications, navigation and military purposes.


Films are also watched by people of all age groups. They not only entertain us but also convey important messages. Notably, India is the largest producer of films in the world. Our Hindi film industry is world-famous. It is known as Bollywood.



Internet is the means of personal as well as Mass Communication. On one hand, we can send messages through electronic mail or email using the Internet service on the computer or can also chat and browse on the internet. On the other hand, we can connect with any part of the world and have information related to any topic instantly, through the internet. The internet has entirely changed the way we communicate and entertain ourselves. If you do not have a computer and internet connection at your home, you can go to a Cyber Cafe and use the internet for a nominal fee.

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