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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mahatma Buddha- A incredible story

Here is an incredible story of Mahatma Buddha

Mahatma Buddha
Mahatma Buddha

Hundreds of years ago, there ruled a king named Shuddhodhana over Kapilvastu. He had a son named Siddhartha. Shuddhodhana wanted his son to be a better king. He appointed teachers to teach his son the use of sword, bow and arrow, horse-riding and art of warfare.
But Siddhartha did not like war and games. Siddhartha was married to a beautiful princess called Yashodhara. A son was born to them. But he was not happy. One day, Siddhartha went out to the palace to know more about the world. He saw an old weak man. His back was bent. Another day, he saw a dead man. He came to know that everyone who is born, has to die one day. A little after, he saw a saint. The saint was calm and happy.
All these things made Siddhartha thoughtful. So, one night, Siddhartha left his palace, his wife and his son Rahul to find out the cause of sorrows and the way to get rid of these sorrows. Siddhartha went from one place to another. At last, he reached Gaya. There he sat in meditation under called 'Buddha'. Buddha means 'the one who knows'. Once Mahatma Buddha was going somewhere. It was a hot noon. A shepherd was driving his sheep and goats hastily towards the city of Kaushambi.
The foreheads of the animals were marked with sindoor. Buddha asked the shepherd, "Where are you driving these dumb and helpless animals in such a hot sun beating them so severely? The shepherd himself was restless due to the hot sun. He spoke angrily, "King Bimbisar is organizing a sacrificial ceremony. These sheep and goats are to be sacrificed to the deity, I have been late, so I am driving these animals quickly." Mahatma Buddha was pained to know that these helpless animals will be killed in vain. He followed the shepherd. There was a lamb in the herd. It was walking lamely. The shepherd was beating it to make it run with the herd. Buddha took pity on the lamb. He picked it in his arms. Buddha followed the herd with the lamb in his arms. After walking a long way, he reached the city. The city was decorated beautifully.
He reached the palace. The splendor of the palace was worth-seeing. A large pavilion was stalled at the main door of the palace. The sacrificial ceremony was being carried on. In the middle of the pavilion, Brahmins were sitting in front of the fire-pit and reciting the incantations.
Mahatma Buddha

Flames of fire were rising from the fire-pit. The king and the queen were sitting near the fire-pit. Prominent citizens were sitting at a little distance from the fire-pit. The shepherd led the animals to an enclosure specially made for them. A butcher was standing closely with a shining sword in his hand. Now it was the time of complete ablation. The king and the queen stood up. A sheep was brought to sacrificial spot. The butcher was butcher raised the sword to cut the head of the sheep, "Stop! Do not kill the sheep." The butcher stopped his sword where it was. Every eye turned in the direction of the voice. The people Buddha put the lamb gently king and asked in his soft and sweet voice, "O king! What type of sacrificial ceremony is it for which you kill innocent animals? What are your Gods who get pleased with the blood of helpless animals?" signaled.
As soon as the sharp voice was heard, a saw that a sage was standing with a lamb in his arms. on the ground. Then, he walked slowly up to the No answer was occurred to the mind of the king. The Brahmins were, too, speechless before this gifted man. Receiving no reply, Buddha himself spoke again, "O king, how the pain we feel, if we are hurt a little. God is the creator of all creatures. God has created us as well as these helpless animals.
Mahatma Buddha
Mahatma Buddha

God does not feel pleased by taking the blood from these animals. To follow the path of non-violence and to serve the poor and weak is the only way to achieve salvation. Bimbisar was deeply impressed by the speech of Buddha. He put his head at the feet of Buddha. The king ordered the sheep and goats to be freed. He also bade farewell to the Brahmins. King Bimbisar became a devotee of Mahatma Buddha.

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