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Sunday, October 6, 2019

How To Improve The Health?

There is Some Expensive Clue for ''How to Improve the Health of The Elderly?''

health of the elderly
Hello, my name is Kuldeep today I give some tips for ''How to improve the health of the elderly?''
Due to the progress in medical science, now the average age of senior citizens has increased considerably compared to the past, by following some suggestions, it can be healthy even in old age.

Expectations of physical weakness and diseases in old age increase In fact, the above problems arise due to the non-availability of nutrients properly. All these problems can be reduced to a great extent if we take care of food, due to the reduction in physical activity and metabolic rate, the energy level is reduced while the disease is done and the energy level should be increased with nutrients. Have available

Keep in mind
Nutrient protein, vitamin calcium, and ion, etc. are needed by people of all age groups and children, but in the present context, useful nutrients are necessary for the elderly.



Protein is needed according to body weight, such as the weight of an elderly person, if he is 50 kilograms, then he will need protein per 50 grams, however, due to loss of appetite and weak digestion, the elderly should not give more then the above-mentioned amounts of protein-rich foods.
We should be given protein-rich foods like curd cheese and pulses according to the health status of each growth.
Diabetes can often cause high blood pressure and kidney-related problems in old age. Protein-rich foods should be taken in consultation with a doctor if these problems occur.


 It is very difficult to digest fat in old age. The elderly should consume 20 to 25 grams of fat per day. It is better to use vision unsaturated fats such as sunflower oil and olive oil.


The problem of osteoporosis increases in old age. The disease called osteoporosis is caused by calcium deficiency. In this merge, bones are broken when the slightest stroke is done, therefore the elderly need calcium. Women who are more than 50 years of age who spend most of their time at home. Expenses and those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency can also suffer from osteoporosis. Milk, curd, cheese, and ragi, etc. There are good sources of calcium. Vitamin D is necessary for proper absorption of calcium by getting in contact with sunlight for a while in the morning.


The elderly need vitamins so that their disease-resistant vitamin B-complex keeps the appetite right and other vitamins carry out various functions of the body properly.

Liquid substance:

 It is also necessary to take a sufficient amount of fluids. The elderly should take 1500 ml or more of fluid, but the amount of fluid depends on the weather or body condition. Whey fruit juice and soup can be taken in liquids Iron
 Like adults, 25 to 30 milligrams of iron is needed per day like adults. If any growth suffers from anemia in the body, then it will need more than 10mg of iron. Iron deficiency affects the body adversely, due to which lack of eye Related problems can occur. Good sugar, millet, lentils and spinach are sources of iron. Consumption of vitamin C is good for the absorption of iron in the body.


Constipation often occurs in the elderly because of not taking enough water or fluids. Constipation causes a poor stomach. Fruits and vegetables are found insufficient amounts of fiber which are rich in nutrients and constipation stay away

How to protect the heart from diseases?

The most common disease in heart diseases is coronary artery disease. In this disease, the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries of the heart causes obstruction, due to which the blood supply to other organs of the body from the heart is not properly supplied. Weakness of heart in old age increases the risk of coronary artery diseaseMore than 10 million cases per year.

1. Avoiding fat: Avoid foods rich in fat, in addition, salt sweet foods and beverages, soft drinks, fast food, junk food, and canned foods.

2. Control sugar: To keep the heart-healthy, it is important that you reduce the sugar-rich diet, prefer honey and jaggery instead of sugar, as well as do some physical work.

Get checkups
Get checkups
3. Get checkups: Periodically check the blood pressure weight and the entire body in consultation with your doctor.

4. Avoid stress: Stress is the enemy of heart health. One of the main reasons for high blood pressure is stress. To avoid stress, think positively and do meditation.
Due to heart disease

5. Due to heart disease: Smoking does not exert physical exertion, nutritional deficiencies and obesity increase the risk of heart diseases. Get rid of smoking quickly.

6. Get enough sleep: Take about 6 to 7 hours of sleep, resting on physical fatigue is beneficial.

Foods rich in iron

 Due to a lack of iron in the body of the elderly, due to taking various iron-rich foods, they feel self-sufficient.

1. Iron-rich green vegetables

 Spinach and other green leafy vegetables such as mustard soya-fenugreek and bathua, which are available in the near future Beans and beetroot contain enough iron.

2. Iron Fruits

Iron is found in apple, peach prunes, dried grapes, raspberries, strawberries, and raisins.

3. Iron-rich snacks

Roasted pumpkin seeds (roasted pumpkin seeds) are found in a sufficient quantity of iron in sunflower woven bean, roasted cashew nuts, and salted nuts.


Although balanced and nutritious food has special importance in every age, the importance of balanced and digestible food increases during old age because the digestive system is impaired and that is why the elderly are not able to take different types of food.
Therefore, in old age, it is necessary to eat balanced digestible food, however this does not mean that they are boiled and Tasteless food should be given, in fact, to keep their health safe, just take care that there is less use of ghee and oil in their food, but there is no harm in using limited amount of spices to make it tasty. Talk Health Experts also pay special attention to digestion, in addition to lifestyle disorders such as diabetes high blood pressure and Remain vigilant about preventing Riday diseases need.

How do you think to improve the health of the elderly...?


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